Friday, February 03, 2006

New Sci Tech Books in the Halle Library February 2006

Dictionary of science. , 5th ed.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
Reference Collection 1st Level North
Q123 .C68 2005

Applebaum, Wilbur.
Scientific revolution and the foundations of modern science / Wilbur Applebaum.
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2005.

Q125 .A54 2005

Young, Mitchell.
Scientific revolution / Mitchell Young, book editor.
San Diego, Calif. : Greenhaven Press, 2006.
3rd Level
Q125 .Y676 2006

Pesic, Peter.
Sky in a bottle / Peter Pesic.
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2005.

Q162 .P37 2005

Aikenhead, Glen S.
Science education for everyday life : evidence-based practice / Glen S. Aikenhead.
New York : Teachers College Press, c2006.

Q181 .A36 2006

Exemplary science in grades 5-8 : standards-based success stories / Robert E. Yager, editor.
Arlington, Va. : NSTA Press, c2006.

Q181 .E94 2006

Issues in science teaching / edited by John Sears and Pete Sorensen.
London ; New York : RoutledgeFalmer, 2000.
3rd Level
Q181 .I77 2000

Wickman, Per-Olof.
Aesthetic experience in science education : learning and meaning-making as situated talk and action / Per-Olof Wickman.
Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006.
3rd Level
Q181 .W53 2006

Chiappetta, Eugene L.
Science instruction in the middle and secondary schools : developing fundamental knowledge and skills for teaching. , 6th ed. / Eugene L. Chiappetta, Thomas R. Koballa, Jr..
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall, c2006.

Q183.3.A1 C48 2006

Naylor, Stuart.
Active assessment : thinking, learning and assessment in science / Stuart Naylor and Brenda Keogh with Anne Goldsworthy.
London : David Fulton ; Sandbach, Cheshire : In association with Millgate House Publishers, 2004.

Q183.4.G7 N39 2004

Arbib, Michael A.
Metaphorical brain : an introduction to cybernetics as artificial intelligence and brain theory / [by] Michael A. Arbib ; illustrated by Auro Lecci.
New York : Wiley-Interscience, c1972.
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Q310 .A72 1972

Haugeland, John, 1945-
Artificial intelligence : the very idea / John Haugeland.
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1985.
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Q335 .H38 1985

Blecher, David P., 1962-
Calculus of one-sided M-ideals and multipliers in operator spaces / David P. Blecher, Vrej Zarikian.
Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2006.

QA3 .A57 no.842

Osin, Denis V., 1974-
Relatively hyperbolic groups : intrinsic geometry, algebraic properties, and algorithmic problems / Denis V. Osin.
Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2006.

QA3 .A57 no.843

Delshams, Amadeu.
Geometric mechanism for diffusion in Hamiltonian systems overcoming the large gap problem : heuristics and rigorous verification on a model / Amadeu Delshams, Rafael de la Llave, Tere M. Seara.
Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2006.

QA3 .A57 no.844

Friedgut, Ehud, 1965-
Sharp threshold for random graphs with a monochromatic triangle in every edge coloring / Ehud Friedgut, Vojtech Rödl, Andrzej Rucinski, Prasad Tetali.
Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2006.

QA3 .A57 no.845

Beresnevich, Victor, 1971-
Measure theoretic laws for lim sup sets / Victor Beresnevich, Detta Dickinson, Sanju Velani.
Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 2006.

QA3 .A57 no.846

Isakov, Victor, 1947-
Inverse problems for partial differential equations / Victor Isakov. , 2nd ed.
New York : Springer, c2006.

QA3 .A647 v.127 2nd ed.

Gurariy, Vladimir I.
Geometry of Müntz spaces and related questions / Vladimir I. Gurariy, Wolfgang Lusky.
Berlin : Springer, 2005.

QA3 .L28 no.1870

Mathematical models and methods for real world systems / [edited by] K.M. Furati, Zuhair Nashed, Abdul Hasan Siddiqi.
Boca Raton : Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.
3rd Level
QA3 .M383 2006

18 unconventional essays on the nature of mathematics / Reuben Hersh, editor.
New York : Springer, c2006.

QA8.6 .E345x 2006

Dantzig, Tobias, 1884-1956.
Number : the language of science / Tobias Dantzig ; edited by Joseph Mazur ; foreword by Barry Mazur. , The Masterpiece Science ed.
New York : Pi Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QA9 .D2 2005

Maor, Eli.
To infinity and beyond : a cultural history of the infinite / Eli Maor.
Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, [1991], c1987.
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QA9 .M316 1991

Innovative approaches to undergraduate mathematics courses beyond calculus / Richard J. Maher, editor.
[Washington, DC] : Published and distributed by the Mathematical Association of America, c2005.
3rd Level
QA11.2 .I56 2005

Thompson, Frances M. (Frances McBroom)
Math essentials, high school level : lessons and activities for test preparation / Frances McBroom Thompson. , 1st ed.
San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, 2005.
3rd Level
QA11.2 .T46x 2005

Mathematics assessment : cases and discussion questions for grades 6-12 / editor, William S. Bush.
Reston, Va. : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2000.
3rd Level
QA13 .M1533 2000

Standards and curriculum : a view from the nation : a joint report by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics (ASSM) : Park City, Utah, July 21-24, 2004 / edited by Johnny W. Lott, Kat
Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2005.

QA13 .S68 2004

Teaching mathematics through problem solving : prekindergarten-grade 6 / Frank K. Lester, Jr., volume editor.
Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2003.
3rd Level
QA13 .T4315 2003

Ollerton, Mike.
100 ideas for teaching mathematics / Mike Ollerton.
London : Continuum, c2005.

QA14.G7 O45x 2005

Aczel, Amir D.
Descartes' secret notebook : a true tale of mathematics, mysticism, and the quest to understand the universe / Amir D. Aczel.
New York : Broadway Books, c2005.

QA29.D55 A25 2005

Pickover, Clifford A.
Passion for mathematics : numbers, puzzles, madness, religion, and the quest for reality / Clifford A. Pickover.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2005.
3rd Level
QA39.3 .P53 2005

Hahn, Liong-shin, 1932-
New Mexico mathematics contest problem book / Liong-shin Hahn ; foreword by Reuben Hersh.
Albuquerqe : University of New Mexico Press, 2005.
3rd Level
QA43 .H246 2005

Sakshaug, Lynae.
Children are mathematical problem solvers / Lynae Sakshaug, Melfried Olson, and Judith Olson.
Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2002.
3rd Level
QA43 .S19 2002

Buschman, Larry.
Share and compare : a teacher's story about helping children become problem solvers in mathematics / by Larry Buschman.
Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2003.
3rd Level
QA63 .B87 2003

Willis, Thearon.
Beginning Visual Basic 2005 / Thearon Willis and Bryan Newsome.
Indianapolis, IN : Wiley Pub., c2006.

QA76.73.B3 W5573 2006

Sharp, John, 1964-
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 / John Sharp.
Redmond, Wash. : Microsoft Press, c2006.

QA76.73.C154 S533x 2006

Wagner, Bill.
Effective C# : 50 specific ways to improve your C# / Bill Wagner.
Boston : Addison-Wesley, c2005.

QA76.73.C154 W343 2005

Van Hentenryck, Pascal.
Constraint-based local search / Pascal Van Hentenryck and Laurent Michel.
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QA76.73.I58 V36 2005

Steel, Christopher, 1968-
Core security patterns : best practices and strategies for J2EE, Web services, and identity management / Christopher Steel, Ramesh Nagappan, Ray Lai.
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall PTR, c2006.
3rd Level
QA76.73.J3 S834 2006

Software engineering / edited by Richard H.Thayer and Merlin Dorfman. , 3rd ed.
Los Alamitos, Calif. : IEEE Computer Society Press; Wiley Interscience, c2005.

QA76.758 .S6454x 2005

Doar, Matthew.
Practical development environments / Matthew Doar.
Farnham : O'Reilly, 2005.
3rd Level
QA76.76.D47 D63x 2005

Best, Steve (Steve Francis), 1961-
Linux debugging and performance tuning : tips and techniques / Steve Best.
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, c2006.

QA76.76.O63 B4756 2006

Rodriguez, Claudia Salzberg.
Linux kernel primer : a top-down approach for x86 and PowerPC architectures / Claudia Salzberg Rodriguez, Gordon Fischer, Steven Smolski.
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, c2006.
3rd Level
QA76.76.O63 R633 2006

Harris, Simon, 1972-
Beginning algorithms / Simon Harris and James Ross.
Indianapolis, IN : Wiley, 2006.
3rd Level
QA76.9.A43 H376 2006

Kenan, Kevin.
Cryptography in the database : the last line of defense / Kevin Kenan.
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Addison-Wesley, c2006.

QA76.9.D314 K45 2006

Marakas, George M.
Systems analysis and design : an active approach / George M. Marakas.
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c2001.

QA76.9.S88 M362 2001

Willis, Thearon.
Beginning Visual Basic 2005 databases / Thearon Willis.
Indianapolis, IN : Wiley Pub., c2006.

QA76.9.W43 W42 2006

Pappas, Theoni.
Joy of mathematics : discovering mathematics all around you / by Theoni Pappas. , Rev. ed.
San Carlos, CA : Wide World Pub./Tetra, 1989.

QA93 .P365 1989

Pappas, Theoni.
Magic of mathematics : discovering the spell of mathematics / Theoni Pappas.
San Carlos, CA : Wide World Pub./Tetra, c1994.
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QA93 .P368 1994

Mathematics assessment : cases and discussion questions for grades K-5 / editor, William S. Bush.
Reston, Va. : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2001.
3rd Level
QA135.5 .M36774 2001

Exploring mathematics through literature : articles and lessons for prekindergarten through grade 8 / edited by Diane Thiessen.
Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2004.

QA135.6 .E86 2004

Lamon, Susan J., 1949-
Teaching fractions and ratios for understanding : essential content knowledge and instructional strategies for teachers / Susan J. Lamon. , 2nd ed.
Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006, c2005.

QA137 .L36 2006

Papick, Ira J.
Algebra connections : mathematics for middle school teachers / Ira J. Papick.
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, c2007.

QA159 .P37 2007

Polishchuk, Alexander, 1971-
Quadratic algebras / Alexander Polishchuk, Leonid Positselski.
Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, c2005.

QA247 .P596 2005

Commutative algebra : geometric, homological, combinatorial, and computational aspects / edited by Alberto Corso ... [et al.].
Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, 2005.

QA251.3 .C6537 2005

Noncommutative algebra and geometry / edited by Corrado De Concini ... [et al.].
Boca Raton : Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.

QA251.4 .N657 2006

Stochastic partial differential equations and applications--VII / edited by Giuseppe Da Prato, Luciano Tubaro.
Boca Raton : Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.

QA274.25 .S754 2006

Bluman, Allan G.
Elementary statistics : a step by step approach / Allan G. Bluman. , 5th ed.
Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2004.

QA276.12 .B59 2004

Freund, John E.
Modern elementary statistics / John E. Freund. , 11th ed.
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Education, c2004.

QA276.12 .F738 2004

Shaughnessy, Michael, 1946-
Statistical questions from the classroom / J. Michael Shaughnessy and Beth Chance, with George Cobb, Sandra Takis, Jacqueline Stewart.
Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2005.
3rd Level
QA276.2 .S53 2005

Wasserman, Larry, 1959-
All of nonparametric statistics / Larry Wasserman.
New York : Springer, 2006.
3rd Level
QA278.8 .W38 2006

Albiac, Fenando.
Topics in Banach space theory / Fenando Albiac, Nigel J. Kalton.
New York ; London : Springer, 2005.
3rd Level
QA322.2 .A43x 2005

Differential equations with symbolic computations / Dongming Wang, Zhiming Zheng, editors.
Basel ; Boston : Birkhäuser, 2005.
3rd Level
QA372 .D536 2005

Solin, Pavel.
Partial differential equations and the finite element method / Pavel Solín.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2006.
3rd Level
QA377 .S65 2006

Satzinger, John W.
Systems analysis and design in a changing world / John W. Satzinger, Robert B. Jackson, Stephen D. Burd. , 2nd ed.
Boston, Mass. ; [Great Britain] : Course Technology, c2002.

QA402 .S352 2002

Eubank, R. L. (Randy L.)
Kalman filter primer / R.L. Eubank.
Boca Raton : Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.

QA402.3 .E925 2006

Harmonic analysis, signal processing, and complexity : festschrift in honor of the 60th birthday of Carlos A. Berenstein / Irene Sabadini, Daniele C. Struppa, David F. Walnut, editors.
Boston : Birkhäuser, c2005.
3rd Level
QA403 .H236 2005

Navigating through measurement in grades 6-8 / George W. Bright ... [et al.].
Reston, VA : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2005.
3rd Level
QA461 .N325 2005

Huntley, H. E.
Divine proportion : a study in mathematical beauty / by H. E. Huntley.
New York : Dover Publications, c1970.

QA466 .H85 1970

Ruggles, C. L. N. (Clive L. N.)
Ancient astronomy : an encyclopedia of cosmologies and myth / Clive Ruggles.
Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2005.
Reference Collection 1st Level North
QB16 .R84 2005

Ward, Peter Douglas, 1949-
Life as we do not know it : the NASA search for (and synthesis of) alien life / Peter D. Ward.
New York : Viking, 2005.

QB54 .W335 2005

Dunlop, Storm.
Atlas of the night sky / Storm Dunlop ; illustrated by Wil Tirion and Antonín Rükl. , 1st U.S. ed.
New York : Harper Collins, 2005.

QB65 .D865 2005

Frankel, Charles
Worlds on fire : volcanoes on the Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus and Io / Charles Frankel.
Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.

QB603.V65 F73 2005

Chaisson, Eric.
Epic of evolution : seven ages of the cosmos / Eric Chaisson ; illustrated by Lola Judith Chaisson.
New York : Columbia University Press, c2006.

QB981 .C414 2006

Bohr, Niels Henrik David, 1885-1962.
Collected works / general editor: L. Rosenfeld.
Amsterdam : North-Holland Pub. Co., 1972-

QC3 .B584

Feynman, Richard Phillips.
Perfectly reasonable deviations from the beaten track : the letters of Richard P. Feynman / edited and with additional commentary by Michelle Feynman ; foreword by Timothy Ferris.
New York : Basic Books, c2005.
3rd Level
QC16.F49 A4 2005

Foot, C. J.
Atomic physics / C.J. Foot.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005.
3rd Level
QC173 .F665 2005

Foster, J.
Short course in general relativity / James Foster, J. David Nightingale. , [3rd ed.]
New York : Springer, 2006.

QC173.6 .F67 2006

McMahon, David (David M.)
Quantum mechanics demystified / David McMahon.
New York : McGraw-Hill, c2006.

QC174.12 .M379 2006

McCutcheon, Mark, 1965-
Final theory : rethinking our scientific legacy / Mark McCutcheon. , 1st rev. ed.
Boca Raton : Universal Publishers, 2004.
3rd Level
QC174.13 .M33 2004

Enss, Christian.
Low-temperature physics / Christian Enss, Siegfried Hunklinger.
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2005.
3rd Level
QC278 .E57 2005

Organic electroluminescence / [edited by] Zakya Kafafi.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, c2005.

QC480 .O74x 2005

Heyde, Kris L. G., 1942-
Basic ideas and concepts in nuclear physics : an introductory approach / K. Heyde. , 3rd ed.
Bristol, [England] ; Philadelphia : Institute of Physics Pub., 2004.
3rd Level
QC776 .H49 2004

Kaiser, David.
Drawing theories apart : the dispersion of Feynman diagrams in postwar physics / David Kaiser.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2005.
3rd Level
QC794.6.F4 K35 2005

Hoffmann, Matthew J.
Ozone depletion and climate change : constructing a global response / Matthew J. Hoffmann.
Albany : State University of New York Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QC879.7 .H64 2005

Brian, Denis.
Curies : a biography of the most controversial family in science / Denis Brian.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2005.

QD22.C79 B75 2005

Silberberg, Martin S. (Martin Stuart), 1945-
Chemistry : the molecular nature of matter and change / Martin S. Silberberg. , 4th ed.
Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2006.

QD33.2 .S55 2006

Kumari, Ramesh.
Computers and their applications to chemistry / Ramesh Kumari. , 2nd ed.
Oxford : Alpha Science International, c2005.
3rd Level
QD39.3.E46 K86x 2005

Theory and applications of computational chemistry : the first forty years / editors, Clifford E. Dykstra ... [et al.]. , 1st ed.
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier, 2005.

QD39.3.E46 T45 2005

Hibbert, D. B. (D. Brynn), 1951-
Data analysis for chemistry : an introductory guide for students and laboratory scientists / D. Brynn Hibbert, J. Justin Gooding.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
3rd Level
QD39.3.S7 H53 2006

Rowh, Mark.
Great jobs for chemistry majors / Mark Rowh. , 2nd ed.
New York : McGraw-Hill, c2006.
3rd Level
QD39.5 .R688 2006

Chromatographic analysis of the environment / edited by Leo M.L. Nollet. , 3rd ed.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, 2006.

QD79.C4 C48 2006

Jackson, Joe, 1955-
World on fire : a heretic, an aristocrat, and the race to discover oxygen / Joe Jackson.
New York : Viking, 2005.

QD181.O1 J33 2005

Vocabulary and concepts of organic chemistry / Milton Orchin ... [et al.]. , 2nd ed.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2005
3rd Level
QD291 .V63 2005

Ionic liquids III : fundamentals, progress, challenges, and opportunities / Robin D. Rogers, editor, Kenneth R. Seddon, editor.
Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, c2005-

QD540 .I58 2005

Electrochemical aspects of ionic liquids / edited by Hiroyuki Ohno.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2005.
3rd Level
QD562.I65 E38 2005

Palaeohydrology : understanding global change / edited by K.J. Gregory and G. Benito.
Chichester ; Hoboken, NJ : J. Wiley, 2003.

QE39.5.P27 P375 2003

Bishop, A. C. (Arthur Clive)
Guide to minerals, rocks & fossils / A.C. Bishop, A.R. Woolley, W.R. Hamilton.
Buffalo, N.Y. : Firefly Books, 2005.
3rd Level
QE363.8 .B48 2005

Feldman, Jay, 1943-
When the Mississippi ran backwards : empire, intrigue, murder, and the New Madrid earthquakes / Jay Feldman.
New York, N.Y. : Free Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QE535.2.U6 F45 2005

Hough, Susan Elizabeth, 1961-
After the Earth quakes : elastic rebound on an urban planet / Susan Elizabeth Hough and Roger G. Bilham.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
3rd Level
QE539.2.E42 H67 2006
Martin, Paul S. (Paul Schultz), 1928-
Twilight of the mammoths : ice age extinctions and the rewilding of America / Paul S. Martin ; foreword by Harry W. Greene.
Berkeley : University of California Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QE721.2.E97 M34 2005

Eldredge, Niles.
Darwin : discovering the tree of life / Niles Eldredge. , 1st ed.
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2005.

QH31.D2 E43 2005

Harvey, Mark W. T. (Mark William Thornton)
Wilderness forever : Howard Zahniser and the path to the wilderness act / Mark Harvey.
Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QH31.Z34 H37 2005

Liittschwager, David.
Archipelago : portraits of life in the world's most remote island sanctuary / David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton.
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c2005.
3rd Level
QH76.5.H3 L55x 2005

From Walden to Wall Street : frontiers of conservation finance / editor, James N. Levitt ; assistant editor, Lydia K. Bergen.
Washington, DC : Island Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QH77.N56 F76 2005

Algebraic statistics for computational biology / edited by Lior Pachter, Bernd Sturmfels.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2005.
3rd Level
QH323.5 .A43 2005

Catalyzing inquiry at the interface of computing and biology / John C. Wooley and Herbert S. Lin, editors ; Committee on Frontiers at the Interface of Computing and Biology, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Division on Engineering and Physic
Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QH324.2 .C343x 2005

Burdick, Alan.
Out of Eden : an odyssey of ecological invasion / Alan Burdick. , 1st ed.
New York : Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2005.
3rd Level
QH353 .B87 2005

Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882.
From so simple a beginning : the four great books of Charles Darwin / edited, with introductions by Edward O. Wilson. , 1st ed.
New York : Norton, c2006.
3rd Level
QH365 .A1 2006

Willett, Edward, 1959-
Genetics demystified / Edward Willett.
New York : McGraw-Hill, c2006.
3rd Level
QH430 .W55 2006

Melo-Martín, Inmaculada de.
Taking biology seriously : what biology can and cannot tell us about moral and public policy issues / Inmaculada de Melo-Martín.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, c2005.
3rd Level
QH438.7 .M45 2005

Baldi, Pierre.
Bioinformatics : the machine learning approach / Pierre Baldi, Søren Brunak. , 2nd ed.
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2001.
3rd Level
QH506 .B35 2001

Gotelli, Nicholas J., 1959-
Primer of ecological statistics / Nicholas J. Gotelli, Aaron M. Ellison.
Sunderland, Mass. : Sinauer Associates Publishers, c2004.
3rd Level
QH541.15.S72 G68 2004

Scott, Christopher Thomas.
Stem cell now : from the experiment that shook the world to the new politics of life / Christopher Thomas Scott.
New York : Pi Press, c2006.
3rd Level
QH588.S83 S35 2006

Lane, Nick.
Power, sex, suicide : mitochondria and the meaning of life / Nick Lane.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.

QH603.M5 L36 2005

Pavord, Anna.
Naming of names : the search for order in the world of plants / Anne Pavord. , 1st U.S. ed.
New York, NY : Bloomsbury, 2005.
3rd Level
QK15 .P38x 2005

Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778.
Linnaeus' Philosophia Botanica / translated by Stephen Freer. , 1st English ed.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2003

QK91 .P513 2003

Weeks, Sally S., 1956-
Native trees of the Midwest : identification, wildlife values, and landscaping use / Sally S. Weeks, Harmon P. Weeks, Jr., George R. Parker.
West Lafayette, Ind. : Purdue University Press, c2005.

QK128 .W45 2005

Preece, Rod, 1939-
Brute souls, happy beasts, and evolution : the historical status of animals / Rod Preece.
Vancouver : UBC Press, c2005.
3rd Level
QL85 .P74x 2005

Spooner, David, 1941-
Insect-populated mind : how insects have influenced the evolution of consciousness / David Spooner.
Lanham, MD : Hamilton Books, 2005.

QL497 .S76x 2005

Capinera, John L.
Field guide to grasshoppers, katydids, and crickets of the United States / John L. Capinera, Ralph D. Scott, and Thomas J. Walker.
Ithaca : Comstock Pub. Associates, 2004.

QL508.A2 C25 2004

Markow, Therese Ann.
Drosophila : a guide to species identification and use / Therese A. Markow, Patrick M. O'Grady.
Amsterdam ; Oxford : Academic Press, c2006.

QL537.D76 M37x 2006

Behaviour and physiology of fish / edited by Katherine A. Sloman, Rod W. Wilson, and Sigal Balshine.
San Diego, California : Elsevier Academic Press 2006
3rd Level
QL639.1 .H6 v.24

Kushlan, James A. (James Anthony), 1947-
Herons / James A. Kushlan and James A. Hancock ; illustrated by David Thelwell.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.
3rd Level
QL673 .B57 1995 v.14

Mudd-Ruth, Maria.
Rare bird : pursuing the mystery of the marbled murrelet / Maria Mudd Ruth ; [illustrations are from the field notebooks of Paul Harris Jones].
[Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale ; [New York] : Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers, c2005.
3rd Level
QL696.C42 M83 2005

Jacquet, Luc.
March of the penguins / Luc Jacquet ; including narration written by Jordan Roberts ; photographs by Jérôme Maison ; translated and adapted by Donnali Fifield.
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic, c2006.
3rd Level
QL696.S473 J33x 2006

Kroodsma, Donald E.
Singing life of birds : the art and science of listening to birdsong / Donald E. Kroodsma ; drawings by Nancy Haver.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2005.

QL698.5 .K76 2005

Mindlin, G. B. (Gabriel B.)
Physics of birdsong / Gabriel B. Mindlin, Rodrigo Laje.
Berlin : Springer, c2005.
3rd Level
QL698.5 .M56 2005

Walker, Brett L., 1967-
Lost wolves of Japan / Brett L. Walker ; foreword by William Cronon.
Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2005.

QL737.C22 W33 2005

World atlas of great apes and their conservation / edited by Julian Caldecott and Lera Miles ; foreword by Kofi A. Annan.
Berkeley : University of California Press, in association with UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, UK, c2005.
3rd Level
QL737.P96 W67x 2005

Wynne-Edwards, Vero Copner.
Animal dispersion in relation to social behaviour.
New York, Hafner Pub. Co. 1962.
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QL752 .W9 1962

Ingham, Karen, 1959-
Anatomy lessons / photographs, Karen Ingham ; foreword, Bernard Moxham.
Stockport : Dewi Lewis, 2004.
3rd Level
QM25 .I54 2004

Seifter, Julian.
Concepts in medical physiology / Julian Seifter, Austin Ratner, David Sloane.
Philadelphia, PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2005.

QP34.5 .S52 2005

Tortora, Gerard J.
Principles of anatomy and physiology / Gerard J. Tortora, Sandra Reynolds Grabowski. , 10th ed.
New York : Wiley, c2003.
3rd Level
QP34.5 .T67 2003

Nutrition and bone health / edited by Michael F. Holick and Bess Dawson-Hughes.
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